do you ever stop and realize that people probably discuss you from time to time when you arent around to witness it

not even in a specifically positive or negative way just like

people mention you, or think of you, you occur to people sometimes

thats the most unnerving thing that i can think of, thats so weird, that i exist to people when im not even interacting with them





just want to say hiyeom to all my new followers.
i’m nice or something.

messages are nice also.
i like food.
i think i am going to get in-n-out tomorrow.

good day/night to you.  

anyone know where i can download korean fonts?

i forgot to bring them to this laptop.
and i broke my harddrive… so basically i have nothing left.
there was a zip file once a upon time….


have you ever loved a tumblr user so much that you just want to buy them a lifetime supply of chocolate and cupcakes because they’re that wonderful